Pain Relief Roll On – Weekend Warrior




All the ingredients in our Weekend Warrior Lavender Farm +CBD oil roll on promote extra strength target pain management.  Arnica oil, Menthol, Colloidal silver, +CBD isolate and of course Lavender!  Deep penetrating and soothing, our formula has menthol and arnica to reduce pain and inflammation.  The Weekend Warrior also includes 2% lidocaine for added pain relief and numbing.  Along with 98.9% pure +CBD isolate that penetrates deep into the skin and provides relief to migraines, aches, sore muscles and joints, arthritis, sprains, and strains.  Our testimonials indicate that this amazing roll on has eased pain and discomfort in people who suffer from neuropathy, arthritis, gout, muscle pain and joint pain after a strenuous workout.  Each 10ml. roll on contains 250mg of +CBD isolate (lab certified and tested)

Our extra strength +CBD roll on has twice the +CBD (250mg) as the original formula.


Apply a thin layer to the area as needed, massage in thoroughly.


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