Moisturizing Lotion Blend – Spring Zest




For body face and hands.  Made with Goat’s milk, shea butter and vitamin E blend and Grapefruit oil.  Our moisturizing lotion is designed to feed, firm and hydrate the deeper layers of the skin all the while not feeling greasy or oily!
Application /directions
Apply lotion after shower or a bath, squeeze a suitable amount of lotion into your hands. You don’t want to squeeze lotion for your entire body into your hands all at once.  You want to focus on one area of your body at time.  Gently press the lotion into your skin with slow sweeping motions, focusing your application on areas that are particularly dry, like the knees and elbows.  Let the moisturizing lotion sink in for a few minutes before putting clothes on or wrapping a towel around yourself.


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