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The FIRST ever Direct Distributer for the Lavender Farm

About the The Lavender Farm and Tom Floren

The Lavender Farm products were developed by our founder and creator Tom Floren out of complete necessity to Toms lifestyle.  Tom is a fair skin, red head living and working in the harsh desert of southern New Mexico.  Tom has tried several products imaginable and nothing he has used provided him with any relief or benefit to him.  While Tom was out in the sun for short periods of time using products loaded with chemicals he noticed his skin would crack and peel.  Tom was miserable and with his expertise and insight had an epiphany and decided to develop his own skin care products.  Armed with the knowledge he gained by trial and error over the years as well as his time in the medical field he set out to make the very best skin care products 17 years later.  Tom created the perfect combination of all natural organic ingredients and oils.  His products ingredients not only improve your skin’s health but also provide relief and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Tom’s Lavender Farms products are truly amazing!